We are always taking Submissions for our upcoming issues from Models, Photographers, Artist, Bands, Groups, Movie Makers, Clothing Designers, Special Effects MUA, and MORE. *All Credit in TOC & with Work On Page* 

THEMES accepted: 

1. Horror / Alternative 

2. Pinup / Gothic / Latex / Fetish ☠

3. Burlesque 

4. Body modification

5. Tattoos

6. Nerdy / Cosplay / Steampunk 

7. Fantasy 

8. Dark arts ☠

*Nudity is Fine Just need proof of age

Send all submissions HERE

Submission Rules:

1. Must send a copy to us of the photographers Release for all different images sent. If you do not we will not publish you. The best way is to have the photographer contact us or email us as a carbon copy or direct. 

2. Images must be in High res with No Logos Or watermarks

(Min File Size 1.2 Megs each image approx 1600 x 2000)

Send at least 6 images (the more the better). They can be of different sets or photographers. Nudity is Fine just send copy of id or pic of you holding it.

3. All submissions are preferred to be previously unreleased and stay as such until one month after the issue they are in release date. Some exceptions may apply. Selfies of you holding your copy of the magazine open to your page(s) are acceptable at anytime.

4. You must fill out a release and provide ID.

5. Deadline is on a first come first serve basis until that issue is complete. Our issues are bimonthly (January, March, May, July, September, November) and are usually released around mid month. So the sooner you submit the better chances are of you getting in the next issue available. 

6. When sending your work, when emailing us please state in the subject of the email (For what and who you are).

7. Please send all info and releases and images at the same time if possible. If you can not due to file size please be sure to label following emails properly as a continuation and let us know how many emails to expect. We do prefer drop box or google photos. 

Cover Submissions info:

We will consider top quality EXCLUSIVE sets for the cover. The cover MUST have blood & can not contain nudity (implied is fine) but the rest of the set for inside can have nudity. The cover feature(s) get up to an 8 page spread inside, with a short bio, so we must receive several images (at least 20). The more the better. We also require a bloody butt shot (bare or thong preferred) that goes on the back cover of the previous issue to set up for the next. (Example: the January issue has a butt picture on the back cover of the model/set that's on the front cover of March). The final cover becomes our social media profile pictures until the release of the next issue. 

*Keep in mind that our issues are bi-monthly (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov) so we must have the next cover set before the previous issue is released due to the butt shot going on the back cover. Do not hesitate, submit for it ASAP so we have time to plan accordingly!

This set must remain Exclusive to us for one month after the issue release date. After that month you may do as you wish with your set for posting or for any other submissions elsewhere. Please DO NOT post any of the cover set on social media or elsewhere until a month after the issue is released (all BTS shots and a select few will be ok to post as soon as the issue is released). Also see rules..

Download Release Form Here


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