Welcome to GOREgousGirls.com

meetWelcome to GOREgousGirls.com, home to the individuals who can and will satisfy all of your demented needs. Owner Eric “eRock” Littlefield (aka eRock Carnage) and makeup artist Jessica Baughman from Poe’s Photography ensures that you are getting the variety and GORE that your little demented soul craves. We have over 3 dozen models that range in styles, sizes, ages and boundaries so we really do have something to offer everyone. Our models are available to do shoots for almost any task or event with enough notice. We also do regular conventions, concerts and shoots in different locations which you can find out more on by following us here and on our GOREgous Girls Facebook Page. There are also lots of uncensored goodies on our GG Patreon that’ll be sure to satisfy your demented needs. If you have any questions or comments hit us up at any time and we will do our best to help you.

If you would like to check out our current models you can do so by clicking the model directory and easily browse through those that you are interested in! Click below to check out our beautiful GOREgous Girls! 

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